Osprey Strategic Research’s single-minded focus is to boost sales productivity for MSPs.

IT Business Development for the MSP Industry

With 15+ years of IT Business Development experience, Osprey Strategic Research has built best-in-class sales training, sales management, lead generation and sales productivity tools to help our clients gain a competitive advantage over their competition. We work transparently, with our team acting as an extension of your sales team. Our focus on building your sales pipeline lets you focus on  improving IT support for your clients.

Contract End Date Selling System

Our results are driven by utilizing our Contract End Date Selling System. In this contract heavy world, identifying when a contract is going to end with a prospect is the most effective way to drive a wedge between a prospects current IT provider and our clients. This approach was so forward thinking that it helped us win the 2014 Road to Reinvention Contest at IT Nation!

Backed by Years of Experience

After leaving a successful MSP career, Robb Rogers and Tim McNeil, founders Osprey Strategic Research, have demonstrated that good hiring techniques, the right selling systems and continuous training are the cornerstones of successful IT Business Development growth.

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Our IT business development team is located at our Connecticut Headquarters

Here is what some of our clients have to say!

“Osprey Strategies has provided the missing pieces to lead generation, lead nurturing, and then qualifying the future clients that we’re looking to meet. Their process allows me all the steps needed to get me in the door with a qualified client. It’s great that the business knows why I’m there, what we do, and the intent of the meeting. It allows me to get right down to what differentiates us in the market and how we can better serve their business… The system is organic and I feel like they work to be an extension of our company and culture.”
Tommy W., Net Works, LLC
“As of this month we have 11 customers total that were the result of Osprey leads totally $22,000 per month… So we are making $264,000 per year from OSR’s Leads. Our investment in Osprey gave us a 500% return on our money.”
Duane L., MSP Located in Detroit, MI
“They’ve got some of the best people who know the MSP space. They also know how to run a disciplined sales appointment setting operation. They’ve readily adapted to my needs, tailoring how we work together. Communication is timely and on point. When asked a direct question, they don’t hold back, they unload. Just want I want… the unvarnished truth about what is, and what to do to fix an issue. Bottom line, they know their stuff…”
Dave B., MSP Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
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