The average salesperson spends 68% of their day prospecting and only 12% in the Active Sales Cycle. The Active Sales Cycle is the time a salesperson or owner is actively engaged in the sales process (initial sales appointment, developing a proposal, proposal meeting, closing meeting, etc.). Osprey Strategic Research started with the belief that we can increase a salespersons, and our clients time in the Active Sales Cycle, through daily management and accountability at every stage of the sales process, directly resulting in company growth. We have been researching and improving MSP sales management processes for 10 years focused only on growing MSP and IT sales departments.

Whether you’re a young business that doesn’t have the time to hire, train and manage sales people, or a mature business that has an existing sales teams, we will help you build your Active Sales Cycle with a proven method that works within any contract heavy industry.



CEO and co-founder of Osprey Strategic Research, Robb is an expert in B2B sales, sales training & sales management. Prior to his 19 years in sales leadership roles in the pharmaceutical, automotive and MSP industries, Robb was an NCO in the elite 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army. Robb lives with his wife and three daughters in Bethany CT.


President and co-founder of Osprey Strategic Research, Tim has specialized in B2B sales his entire career, initially in the Insurance and Financial Planning industry, starting in the MSP industry in 2009. Tim was born and raised in Rochester NY, has played hockey his whole life, including in college, and now lives with his wife and two sons in Newington CT.


The first official employee of Osprey Strategic Research, Finley spends his days going between his two cushions in the office and looking out Robb’s window. He’s mastered the art of knowing when everyone eats and is the office therapy dog when someone is having a ruff day. He’s loyal, a good listener and loves his daily walk during lunch.


“Osprey Strategies has provided the missing pieces to lead generation, lead nurturing, and then qualifying the future clients that we’re looking to meet. Their process allows me all the steps needed to get me in the door with a qualified client. It’s great that the business knows why I’m there, what we do, and the intent of the meeting. It allows me to get right down to what differentiates us in the market and how we can better serve their business… The system is organic and I feel like they work to be an extension of our company and culture.”

“As of this month we have 11 customers total that were the result of Osprey leads totalling $22,000 per month… So we are making $264,000 per year from OSR’s Leads. Our investment in Osprey gave us a 500% return on our money.”

“They’ve got some of the best people who know the MSP space. They also know how to run a disciplined sales appointment setting operation. They’ve readily adapted to my needs, tailoring how we work together. Communication is timely and on point. When asked a direct question, they don’t hold back, they unload. Just whatt I want… the unvarnished truth about what is, and what to do to fix an issue. Bottom line, they know their stuff…”

“The sales training programs consisted of one-on-one training sessions for our sales person, MSP and IT concept training, sales strategies, call and queue management, roleplay sessions, live calling, and immediate coaching feedback. We went from struggling to book new sales appointments to 8 substantial new clients in less than 12 months with a strong pipeline moving forward. It’s by far the best money we’ve spent in acquiring new clients.”

“I have engaged with OSR to help me build an inside sales team for one of my clients.  The minute I got out of the way and let their team take over my inside sales teams success soared. This has become my favorite check to write each month because I have seen ROI since month one.”

Brian Doyle, Metathinq, LLC


We continuously discuss issues that we solve in all phases of building and maintaining sales departments.

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