Be Everywhere at Once With Social Media Automation

//Be Everywhere at Once With Social Media Automation

Be Everywhere at Once With Social Media Automation

Social media has become one of the most powerful ways for businesses to differentiate themselves. Assuming you’re already on board with using social media to improve your business’ brand, search engine results, and gaining cross-platform exposure, you’re probably trying to figure out how to best achieve your goals. Once you’re hooked on the idea of using social media, you probably find yourself realizing that there is a lot more work involved than sharing a thought or posting a photo of your weekend outing.

Introducing Social Media Automation

Once businesses have the goal of turning their social media accounts into assets, they usually turn to social media automation. Just because you need to be posting all the time, doesn’t mean everything you contribute needs to be a spur of the moment thought.

Most businesses look at companies who seem to be everywhere at once and think it’s Halloween come early. It is downright spooky how these companies are able to hold a presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. But the secret is simple: social media automation makes it possible to maximize your return on time invested and gives you the ability to dominate your audience’s feeds.

There are three main benefits to social media automation:


The simplest way to differentiate yourself from other companies in your space is to be consistent. If you can make sure you are at the top of your audience’s mind on a daily basis, they will think of you first. Most businesses fail to automate, fall off the radar, and gain nothing from their social accounts.


The more reactive you are, the less effective you are going to be. If you are doing everything in the moment with very little planning, your social strategy is going to fail in the long-run. When you use a social media automation strategy, you can adapt your posts to trends, while modifying your timing and frequency to maximize engagement.


Social media automation saves massive amounts of time because you are able to complete so many tasks at once. At Osprey Strategic Research, we have the expertise to provide you with relevant content and share it with your audience, as well as centralized social reporting that will give you a bird’s eye view of your presence. Rather than having social media in the back of your mind all day, automation allows you to focus for a short period of time. Set it and forget it.

Being Proactive On Social Media

You want to look good when any potential clients research you for the first time, and studies show that 71% of customers are more likely to recommend a brand if they have had a positive experience with that brand through social media. This is where Osprey Strategic Research can assist you in putting together a high-return strategy that will position you as a leader in your space, but without taking up all your time.

By studying your audience and pushing out specific themes while also monitoring engagement, we will increase your brand loyalty significantly. Every personal connection you make with a prospect is a chance for you to win big and get the sale.

It’s time to get online and get connected. If you aren’t converting prospects into customers, then it might be time to contact Osprey Strategic Research to see how we can help you create a better social media strategy using our automation platform.

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