Using Webinars for MSP Sales and Marketing

//Using Webinars for MSP Sales and Marketing

Using Webinars for MSP Sales and Marketing

Does your MSP utilize webinars and other social marketing strategies to generate leads? When it comes to marketing in the age of social media and the Internet, it can seem like there’s a lot to keep in mind. Social media accounts need to be maintained, web content written and posted regularly, and advertising campaigns need to be prepared.

Blogs can be a great tool for SEO and generating traffic and leads, and social media is great for engagement. But have you ever considered webinars as another marketing tool for your MSP?

Webinars are web-based video conferences or seminars conducted over the internet that are typically used to drive sales and market businesses. Due to their rising popularity, it might be time for you to make webinars part of your social strategy.

How They Work

Webinars are usually done live through YouTube or other live video hosts, and are sometimes interactive, depending on the functionality of the host being used. The idea is to offer your potential clients free, valuable information on a topic relevant to your product or services that will tempt participants to “upgrade” or purchase your product or services. In the MSP world, it can be hard for potential clients to distinguish between certain services or determine the best IT support services for their business. Webinars are the perfect way to provide useful information to prospects who don’t know where to begin.

For example, as an IT support and security business, you may want to host a webinar on two-factor authentication to show your potential clients how it can help keep their businesses secure. You would prepare an educational presentation explaining why the viewer needs two-factor authentication, and at the end, provide a plug for your services to provide the viewers with a solution to the problem. This is a great way to sign on new clients, or even get your current clients to upgrade their services.

Webinars for MSPs

MSPs are excellent candidates for using webinars to market their services due to the fact that most people don’t have the technological know-how to solve many IT problems on their own, or possibly even recognize the IT problems that might be plaguing their business without their knowledge.

Webinars are an easy way to attract business owners who feel overwhelmed by technology and need your services, even if they don’t know it.

Nearly all modern businesses have some need for IT management, and very few small business owners are able to do it alone. Your webinar can show these potential clients that you’re an expert in your field, and the best one for the job.

Integrated Marketing

Though webinars work at generating leads and selling your services, they’re most effective if they are able to:

  1. Attract your target clientele
  2. Convince viewers that they need your services

The most important means of accomplishing these is by making your webinar entertaining, educational, and enticing to the people you’re looking to work with.

The great thing about webinars is that you can use content you’ve already posted to your blog or social media, and expand on it through the webinar.

Additionally, you can promote the webinar through your different existing marketing channels to create an integrated and seamless way for your clients to engage with your brand.

Osprey Strategic Research offers a great range of automated marketing solutions for all the different channels that you will need to have a successful webinar marketing campaign. With our affordable and effective marketing tools, we can provide you with all the support you need to produce a successful webinar. Don’t miss out on this fun and interactive way to increase your business – contact us today!

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