Effective Prospecting: Why Contract End Dates Matter

//Effective Prospecting: Why Contract End Dates Matter

Effective Prospecting: Why Contract End Dates Matter

Did you know that contract end dates are critical business intelligence in the MSP world? This knowledge can significantly increase your opportunities to achieve successful sales. In fact, through understanding contract end dates, you can increase the number of prospects who become clients while making better strategic use of your sales and marketing resources. OSR Marketing helps you turn prospects into clients using contract end dates.

First, why are contract end dates so important? Think of it this way: your business may offer some of the best services at the best prices in the area, but if your prospect is two months into a multi-year contract with another provider, they may not be open to hearing about your services. Decision-makers start to explore their vendor options as their contracts come up for renewal. Your potential clients typically do not break contracts unless there is a very serious breach of contract and/or there is a favorable out clause. Most prospects are only likely to be open to reviewing other companies when their contract is set to end within three months. If your industry operates in a 24-month contract, that means your chance of calling someone when they are within that three-month window is 3/24 months, or just 12.5%. We’re here to give you better odds and generate more opportunities for successful prospecting.

Now that you understand why contract end dates matter, you’re probably wondering: how do you find prospects that are near the end of their contract? That’s where we come in. Our proprietary system searches out contract end dates in your area and puts them in the marketing funnel. We then use our marketing funnel to build the relationship with these prospects through automated branding and relationship-building strategies. This approach can dramatically increase your rate of prospects becoming clients.

Ultimately, when you invest in your business by partnering with OSR Marketing to connect with the right prospects at the right time, you will find more potential clients who are ready to learn about your services. With us, you will be building relationships with prospective clients throughout their current contract. When the contract is about to expire, you will have an existing relationship that will strengthen your pitch. You’ll be using the right strategies at the right time every step of the way.

Our team has decades of combined sales experience that we are passing onto you. Partner with us to increase your sales and marketing ROI by turning more prospects into clients. Benefit from our expertise, see greater results, build stronger relationships, and be there for your prospects when they are ready to become clients.

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