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MVP Marketing, developed by Osprey Strategic Research, is a multi-channel marketing automation platform. Marketing automation gives you the advantage of increasing exposure with prospects who are in the research and investigative mode of buying. With MVP Marketing, you can now build, track and improve your reach to prospects with any inbound marketing strategy.

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MVP Marketing Platform Dashboard
MVP Marketing Email & Contacts Features

Unique Features

Multi-Channel Marketing

Our multi-channel marketing platform includes email, social media, mobile and web tools all from one dashboard.  This is designed to increase market exposure while streamlining your marketing messages.

Web Services

Track and monitor users from the anonymous IP stage through the first appointment.  As the prospect engages more, we use progressive profiling to increase the business intelligence.

Automations That Matter™

Our marketing automation platform has been developed to lower the labor investment of marketing to prospects.  This allows you more time to focus on closing new business.

Lead Scoring

With our IP tracker and event scoring, you can prioritize your marketing efforts to focus on prospects through our automated scoring system.  This means you spend more time interacting with engaged prospects.

MVP Marketing Email Campaign Setup

Accelerate Sales Results

MVP Marketing dramatically lowers the labor investment towards your overall marketing efforts, increases your ability to reach more prospects, builds a call to action for prospects and increases your company awareness.  This will create and streamline an effective sales pipeline to drive new business.

  •   Unlimited Automated Campaigns
  •   Customized “one screen” dashboard
  •   Unlimited emails
  •   Unlimited Forms
  •   10 Gigabytes of asset storage
  •   Over 40 CRM and Social Integrations

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