Sales Peer Groups for Salespeople and Account Managers

Our sales peer group is perfect for the MSP that have a salesperson or salespeople on staff and are already being managed daily. Paired with salespeople in non-competing territories, your salesperson interacts multiple times per week with peers going through the same sales challenges, whether in prospecting or onsite faze of the sales cycle.

We’ll help you understand what metrics to focus on during prospecting through coaching on how to close business more effectively. On any given day, there is a focus on best in practice role plays, position specific talk tracks, ways to generate higher proposal to meeting ratio or proposal to close ratio’s, to name a few. The goal of any sales peer group is to:
  • Provide help on the entire sales process

  • Stay accountable through a sales activity points system

  • Help salespeople build stronger pipelines and close ratios
  • Get them over common sales plateaus, depending on how long they’ve been with the company

  • Provide situational sales coaching to companies in the active sales cycle


"They’ve got some of the best people who know the MSP space. They also know how to run a disciplined sales appointment setting operation. They’ve readily adapted to my needs, tailoring how we work together. Communication is timely and on point. When asked a direct question, they don’t hold back, they unload. Just what I want… the unvarnished truth about what is, and what to do to fix an issue. Bottom line, they know their stuff."

Dave B. MSP Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL