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MSP Lead Generation

With our MSP Lead Generation service, we help reduce the stress of making cold calls and provide you with quality MSP appointment setting and business intelligence.

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Increase Your Sales Funnel With MSP Lead Generation

What Makes Us Different:

  • Every caller is based in our Connecticut headquarters and goes through a rigorous ongoing training program.
  • We utilize the POD system.  What that means is we have multiple sales people calling your account.  One caller is younger in their sales career and responsible for gaining business intelligence.  The closer has a proven track record of an efficient decision maker to appointment ratio.
  • Depending on the CRM that you currently utilize, we can work in your system so that you can see in real time what our calling efforts are producing.
  • Our callers work in an activity points system as a basis for us to measure their metrics.  The points system incentivizes our callers to have meaningful conversations, focusing on quality, not quantity, throughout the day.  Contact us to learn more!

Contract End Date Selling System

Our Contract End Date Selling System will identify when a prospect’s contract is up and drive a wedge between that prospect and their current provider. This approach was so forward thinking that it helped us win the 2014 Road to Reinvention Contest at IT Nation!

Our MSP Lead Generation Approach

Identify and Email to Prospects Though MVP Marketing:

  • We will identify a list a prospect that fit within the industries, employee size and geographic range of your ideal client.
  • With any of our Lead Generation campaigns, we send one piece of content each month through our MVP Marketing platform to drive prospects to your website.

Calling Engagement:

  • With our MVP Marketing platform, we set up prioritized calling with a point tracker that lets our MSP Lead Generation callers know who has clicked on our emails and what website pages they visited.  We then target specific prospects with an elevated chance of setting an MSP appointment.
  • With a Contract End Date (CED) focus as one of the backbones of our calling efforts, we set MSP appointments with prospects who are coming close to having a contract end and are actively in a review mode.

Appointment Quality Control Process:

  • Our MSP Lead Generation quality control team makes sure every appointment is set up appropriately and meets the criteria you are looking for in a qualified meeting.

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